Global Care Bundaberg

Established in 1996 under the auspices of the Christian Outreach Centre (Now INC), Global Care can provide a broad range of effective relief services.

Global Care is the outreach arm of INC also known by the slogan 
“Mates helping Mates”. 
Here in Bundaberg, the Global Care operation reaches out to the community by providing a low-cost grocery warehouse along with an emergency hamper service. 
Anyone is welcome to shop at the warehouse, open from Tuesday to Thursday at 9 am – 2 pm, 

What is Global Care?

Global Care is the “social justice” and disaster relief arm of International Network of Churches
(inc) (formerly Christian Outreach Centre).

Our vision is to see individuals supported and communities transformed by the power of
mates helping mates.

Our mission is to raise a resourced army of blue shirt volunteers who provide support to
communities across Australia and overseas during times of disaster and everyday hardship.

Our method is to operate primarily through local churches, linking them with their
communities. In times of national disasters, all local church Global Care operations link hands
and work in co-operation to provide maximum assistance to those who need it.

Our primary funding comes via public donations and appeals, and through the distribution
of our Global Care coin fundraising boxes throughout Australia.
We also receive occasional government grants and the support of corporate sponsors.

For many years Global Care has helped devastated communities to rebuild and reconnect,
and has done it by practical help at the ground level. It can be as small as a wheelchair, or
as large as tsunami …if the need exists, Global Care is there.

Global Care does not go into a disaster area to preach – but it models “God in action” and
many thousands of people worldwide have been able to see Jesus in action through
Global Care army of staff and volunteers. “Jesus in overalls” is how someone put it, while
another described Global care’s work simply as “mates helping mates – it’s the Aussie way”.

A Kinglake survivor sums it up: “Global Care was there when we needed them – I can’t praise
them enough. What they did here was brilliant, fantastic. They did what was needed and they asked nothing in return. They just got in and did it.”