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We would like to say thank you for coming to Citicoast Church.
Whether you choose to make this house your home or if you have
decided somewhere else is a better fit for you we encourage you to be found surrounded by people who know God and love Him and choose to follow Him in obedience and faith.

Psalms Chapter 1 talks about the blessed man or woman. They are people who love the Word of God and live by it resulting in a life that others will notice, one of being an influence for good.
They plant themselves in an environment that produces life in their spirit and good things develop from their commitment to growth.

They are a blessing to others that surround them.
Your spiritual life will flourish as you put down roots in a church family, as you connect to other people and as you use those gifts God has given you to steward. We welcome you to speak to
any of our leaders or pastors on how you can become connected because it is our heart that whatever you believe that
‘You Belong Here’